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Dic: [용례] tinker away

... Windows Phone Mango, but what does Microsoft have to say to this? "We say tinker away with Mango and enjoy the juice," said Microsoft spokesman Bill Cox. "But beware the fine printㅡunlocking phones may void your warranty." This reaction is markedly different from how other fruity mobile companies have responded to the dev community but Microsoft has had cordial relationships with the hacking community in the past. ( ... )

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Don Anderson was turning around repair jobs so quickly people were starting to comment on his speedy service. He was careful never to let visitors see him using his special gift, and often he'd tinker away with his tools just for show. But in the week that followed that special touch from Brandon Nicholas, he had cleared almost every item to be repaired from the shelves of his workroom. Now he was actually getting a little bored, and starting tinkering just for the fun of it.

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The appaulling genocidal conflicts which have been played out in the closing years of the 20th century make the writing of books seem oddly futile and yet therapists claim to respond to the deepest pain of human experience. If, in the face of the horrors of Rewanda, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Chenchyna, we have nothing to say, it would suggest that the faith of counsellors is shallow indeed and that we are perhaps no more than psychological technicians who tinker away with occasional success at the neuroses of the affluent. Perhaps, however, in a grim way, the seemingly endless tide of refugees in so many parts of the world prompts us to take stock of the human condition an to wake up to the forces which threaten humanity as the new millenium begins. ( ... )

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But Kristian was a math person. Grace had no doubt he'd be a billionaire by the time he was thirty. He would write some brillian computer program, wisely invest the profits, and retire happily to tinker away at more innovative programs.

Of course if you're familiar with Linux, you can always tinker away the 
lonely nights and put stuff like Wine and crossover office in it, but that's 
really not what the customers want to do."

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Bill Toy, with whom I collaborated a few years later at Goldman, had been a particle experimentalist whose PhD advisor, Jerome Friedman, later won the Nobel Prize for discovering the quark structure in the deep-inelastic electron-nucleus scattering experiments that had stimulated my PdD thesis work. Bill had also worked at the Labs prior to coming to Goldman and had experienced similar frustrations to mine. Our trouble was that we wanted to get things done. The Labs could be fun if you were the kind of person who was simply happy to tinker away with expensive up-to-date equipment, but we didn't function that way. I wanted the satisfaction that comes from creating something. But in Building 5, so many of the projects I worked on ended in a confused impasse. You did some work; you wrote some internal document; Harley told Jim Downs about it; he then pronounced it a failure or a success for some crypitcally inarticulate reason you couldn't understand. We were forbidden from publishing it because it was proprietary; yet often, no one inside the company had any real use for it. I was increasingly sympathetic to whomever coined the slogan "information wants to be free."

7. http://tungsten-carbide-die.blogspot.kr/2011/08/what-is-tinkerer.html

One should not confuse a tinkerer and a tinker. A tinkerer is a person who tinkers with machinery, modified products and is the heart and sole [soul] of inventors and innovators. However, a tinker is someone who fixed household items with tin. These wondering tins smiths became a vagabond of sorts in the early industrial age and are associated with a negative connotation. Tinkers on the other hand are highly regarded in society, think of Thomas Edison.

One aspect of being a successful machinist is the ability to tinker, in the tinkerer sense. Only by attempting new methods, tweaking old methods and testing these thoughts can a machinist improve upon his work and craft. While an endearing image of a tinkerer may be an old man farting around with clocks, the truth is that without that tinkering spirit innovation would come to a standstill. So tinker away, take things apart and see how they run and if they can be improved, for if it wasn't for this kind of innovator we wouldn't have light bulbs or artificial hearts!

8. http://heatherthorkelson.com/2014/02/scrap-the-word-failure-from-your-vocab/

Forget failure. Failure is shit. The concept serves no one. In fact, it's damaging. Here's my approach: everything is an experiment. Everything. Nothing is certain. Ever. So tinker away. Try new things often. Puts your stuff out into the world and wear an obvious "I'm human" badge on your sleeves so that other people feel like it's ok to put their things out into the world and tinker too.

9. http://www.scu.edu/business/inc/past-events.cfm

One of our MSE students is starting up a weekly business meetup group for aspiring entrepreneurs at SCU with the goal of having each group participant walk out with a business idea to tinker away at and hopefully launch. This small group will meet up for an hour or so every week on campus, timing TBD by participants. ( ... )

10. https://www.ugent.be/en/facilities/bike

Bicycle repair: UGent personnel and students can make use of several bike repair shops. All shops are open to Ghent students; UGent staff can go the repair shop Blandijnberg. You can tinker away at your bike using the repair shop's tools and/or buy new parts at a very reasonable price. There's always someone at hand to help and advise

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