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두루읽기 (ReadAround) - List 1

▷ The Future of the Web Looks a Lot Like Bitcoin (Morgen E. Peck | Jul 2015)

▷ The concentration camp currency you’ve never heard of (Jewish Telegraph Agency, Oct 2015)

▷ Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Wall Street (Dean Baker, Jan 2016)

▷ 아짠 빤냐와로 스님 법문 (2015. 12)

▷ China is running out of options as foreign reserves drop (ALICIA GARCÍA-HERRERO | FT, Jan 2016)

▷ Global Real Estate Value Hits $217 Trillion In 2015, 2.7 Times World GDP (ValueWalk, Jan 2016)

▷ [Morgan Stanley] US Non-financial Sector Debt Relative to GDP: Bad timing to start hiking rates? (SoberLook, Jan 2016)

▷ Capitalism will eat democracy─unless we speak up (Yanis Varoufakis | Ted talks, Dec 2015)

▷ How Do the Economic Elites Get the Idea That They 'Deserve' More? Lessons from Game Theory: The human tendency toward discrimination and inequality (Yanis Varoufakis, Mar 2014)

▷ La « privatisation » du Système Monétaire International (Natixis, Jan 2016)

▷ Quelles conséquences d’une croissance uniquement due aux services avec une récession industrielle ? L’exemple présent des Etats-Unis (Natixis, Jan 2016)

▷ Will China’s new “supply-side” reforms help China? (Michael Pettis, Jan 2016)

▷ The four stages of Chinese growth (Michael Pettis, June 2014)

▷ The world has glimpsed financial crisis. But is the worst to come? (Observer, Jan 2016)

▷ Why I (Still) Think Shadow Banking is Key to Financial Reform (Mike Konczal | Roosevelt Institute, Jan 2016)

▷ Similarities with 2000 are striking, @MarkYusko. Looks like USD may be breaking out again as S&P500 breaks down (Worth Wray, Jan 2016)

▷ The price of oil, China, and stock market herding (Olivier Blanchard | VOX, Jan 2016)

▷ To grasp the sheer disconnect between oil futures traders & the real world of oil, watch the first 5 minutes of thishttps://vimeo.com/109003211

▷ Mark Hart, the hedge fund manager whose bets against U.S. subprime mortgages and European sovereign debt proved prescient, said China should weaken its currency by more than 50 percent this year (Bloomberg, Jan 2016)

▷ 2008년 금융 위기의 한 일화 (via @dsquareddigest, @yorksranter)


▷ A Loophole Allows Banks – But Not Other Companies – to Create Money Out of Thin Air (George Washington | Zerohedge, Jan 2016)

▷ The Circular Relationship between Inequality, Leverage, and Financial Crises: Intertwined Mechanisms and Competing Evidence (Rémi Bazillier & Jérôme Héricourt | CEPII, Dec 2014)

▷ 2016: the year of the next global financial crisis? (NEF blog, Jan 2016)

▷ China’s rebalancing timetable (Michael Pettis, Nov 2015)

▷ As oil prices plummet, is a global recession imminent? (George Magnus | Prospect, Jan 2016)

▷ China Shakes the World...Again (Worth Wray | For What It's Worth, Evergreeen Gavekal, Jan 2016)

▷ Victoria Bateman's review of: Randall Wray, Why Minsky Matters: An Introduction to the Work of a Maverick Economist. Princeton University Press. December 2015. (Jan 2016)

▷ When China Stumbles (Paul Krugman | NYT, Jan 2016)... CF. The Big Meltdown (Paul Krugman | NYT, Feb 2008)

▷ Monetary Policy in the Age of Finance Capital: Inflating Asset Bubbles, Deflating Real Growth (Ismael Hossein-zadeh | The European Financial Review, Dec 2015)

▷ Youtube: Extrait du film "Demain" - Rob Hopkins, l'un des fondateurs du Transition Network (Dec 2015)

▷ Capital, Predistribution and Redistribution (Thomas Piketty | Crooked Timber, Jan 2016)

▷ Leave robotic jobs to robots and improve humans’ lives: We are so fixated by human-like machines that we have failed to notice machine-like humans (Sarah O’Connor | Financial Times, Jan 2016)

▷ Some communities are destroyed by tragedy and disaster. Others spring back. Here’s what makes the difference (Daniel Aldrich | Washington Post, Dec 2015)

▷ Re-imagining Money to Broaden the Future of Development Finance: What Kenyan Community Currencies Reveal is Possible for Financing Development (Jem Bendell, Matthew Slater and Will Ruddick | prepared for the UNRISD Workshop, Jul 2015)

▷ Accounting as the master metaphor of economics (Arjo Klamer and Donald McCloskey | The European Accounting Review, ???)

▷ Is National Accounting Accounting? National Accounting between Accounting, Statistics and Economics (André Vanoli | Comptabilités, Dec 2010)

▷ A lost century in economics: Three theories of banking and the conclusive evidence (Richard A. Werner | International Review of Financial Analysis, Sep 2015): Direct PDF

▷ D-CENT: Design of social digital currency (Denis Roio, Marco Sachy, Stefano Lucarelli, Bernard Lietaer, Francesca Bria | June 2015)

▷ Benjamin Coriat : «L’idéologie propriétaire a atteint ses limites» (interviewed by Vittorio De Filippis | Libération, Dec 2015): Pour l’économiste, les nouveaux communs, loin des plateformes prédatrices à la Airbnb ou Uber, sont une forme de résistance face au néolibéralisme.  CF. https://www.futuribles.com/fr/base/bibliographie/notice/le-retour-des-communs-la-crise-de-lideologie-propr/

▷ Developed economies are not suffering from the consequences of a financial crash, but from a structural crisis of neoliberal capitalism (David M. Kotz | LSE blog, Nov 2014)

▷ The concept of ethnicity has not much science about it and is no less imposed than other social categories (Ludi Simpson | LSE blog, Apr 2014)

▷ Capital Misallocation during the Great Recession (Alessandro Di Nola | MPRA, Sep 2015)

▷ 각성스님 능엄경 특강 12 (유튜브, 2014년 1월)

▷ Dutch city plans to pay all citizens a ‘basic income’, and Greens say it could work in the UK (Daniel Boffey | The Observer, Dec 2015)

▷ Cronyism Causes the Worst Kind of Inequality (Noah Smith | Bloomberg View, Dec 2015)

▷ Five minutes with Amartya Sen: “I think that Piketty's conclusions mostly stand”(LSE blog, June 2014)

▷ 기계화 자동화가 진행되도 생각보다 일자리가 줄어들질 않았습니다. 오히려 전체만 놓고보면 늘었어요. 경제학적으로 실증된 내용인데 피오레의 이중시장론이나 이민노동분석 관련해서 자주 이 내용이 언급됨.

▷ Protected Mobility for Employment and Decent Work: Labour Market Security in a Globalized World (Peter Auer | Journal of Industrial Relations, Feb 2006)

▷ 근로빈곤층의 ‘괜찮은 일자리(Decent Job)’이동에 관한 연구: 임금일자리를 중심으로 (최옥금 | 노동정책연구, 2005.3)

▷ Measuring decent work with statistical indicators (Richard Anker et al. | International Labour Review, June 2003)

▷ History of People's QE, Part 3 of 8─ QE for People, Even the Ancients Were Doing (Positive Money, Dec 2015)

▷ The History of People's QE, Part 2 0f 8─Hyperinflation: How the Wrong Lessons Were Learned from Weimar and Zimbabwe (Positive Money, Dec 2015)

▷ The History of People's QE─Neither Right Nor Left, Just the Way Forward (Positive Money, Dec 2015)

▷ The Fed By The Numbers -- And Why They Are Wrong (Steve Keen | Forbes, Dec 2015)

▷ Economics is itself one of the biggest problems we face today (Philip Roscoe | LSE, Mar 2014)

▷ Finland's hugely exciting experiment in basic income, explained (Dylan Matthews | Vox, Dec 2015)

▷ From Basic Income to Social Dividends: Sharing the Value of Common Resources ( Rajesh Makwana | Medium, Sharing.org, Apr 2015 ??)

▷ Setting up your own central bank is just the start with Ethereum (Ian Allison | IBT, Dec 2015)

▷ The Age of Fracture: French politics since the 1970s (Timothy Scott Johnson | Books & Ideas, Dec 2015)

▷ [Video] Development | The Next 30 Years (Amartya Sen and Joseph Stigliz | UNU-WIDER, Nov 2015)

▷ How do banks create money, and why can other firms not do the same? An explanation for the coexistence of lending and deposit-taking (Richard A. Werner | International Review of Financial Analysis, Dec 2014): Direct PDF

▷ Can banks individually create money out of nothing? — The theories and the empirical evidence (Richard A. Werner | International Review of Financial Analysis, Dec 2014): Direct PDF

▷ Le commun contre l’État néolibéral ( Pierre Sauvêtre | La Vie des Idées, Nov 2014): Reveiw of  P. Dardot et de C. Laval's book, ^Commun: Essaie sur la révolution au 21ème siècle^

▷ Understanding innovation and growth (Diane Coyle | Her blog, Nov 2015)

▷ A Hard Landing in China Could 'Shake the World' (Bloomberg, Nov 2015)

▷ Q & A: Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate, says economic inequality is a choice (CNBC, Nov 2015)

▷ China Bonds Drop as Government Said to Expand Debt-Swap Program (Fion Li | Bloomberg, Nov 2015)

▷ We’re in the Early Stages of Largest Debt Default in US History (Porter Stansberry | Wolf Street / Daily Wealth, Nov 2015)

▷ Can virtual workers strike? Book chapter on identity and collective action in microwork (Vili Lehdonvirta | The Connectivity, Inclusion, and Inequality Group, Nov 2015)

▷ Modern Monetary Theory and Value Capture (Bill Mitchell | his blog, Nov 2015)

▷ The Left should embrace degrowth (Giorgos Kallis | New Internationalist, Nov 2015)

▷ Has Environmentalism Lost Touch with the Wild? (Philip ROJC, Oct 2015)

▷ 자녀살해 현상 뒤에는 국가의 부재가 있다 (이경은 | 중앙일보, Nov 2015)

▷ Is the Economy Overheating? Here’s Why It’s So Hard to Say: Will the Fed hike rates? First you have to understand the battle between inflation targeters & accelerationists (Justin Wolfers | NYT/The Upshot, Nov 2015)

▷ How to change a city from the bottom up: an Italian example (FEDERICO ALAGNA and ALEX SAKALIS | Open Democracy, Nov 2015)

▷ A new chapter in the Living Wage story (ADRIAN BUA | NEF, Nov 2015)

▷ In the second half, Max interviews Professor Richard Werner, who, in the early 1990s, coined the phrase ‘quantitative easing.’ Together they take a look at the monster which QE has become.

▷ http://www.enlightenmenteconomics.com/blog/index.php/2015/11/the-devil-take-the-debt/

▷ [Video] What Really Caused the Crisis and What to Do About it (Adair Turner, Chairman of the Board of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Oct 2015)

▷ The last 7 years are an argument against inflation targeting (Simon Wren-Lewis | Mainly Macro, Oct 2015)

▷ La finance et la vérité des prix (Jeanne Lazarus | La Vie des Idees.fr, Oct 2015): His review of Horacio Ortiz, ^Valeur financière et vérité. Enquête d’anthropologie politique sur l’évaluation des entreprises cotées en bourse^, Presses de Sciences Po, 2014. 180 p.
Une étude anthropologique de l’industrie financière fait ressortir sa capacité à imposer un ordre social et politique reposant sur une théorie économique mathématisée. L’ouvrage fournit en outre une importante contribution à l’analyse de la construction sociale des prix.

▷ Kuznets Waves of Inequality (Peter Turchin | his blog, Sep 2015)

▷ The political economy of the rise, fall, and rise again of securitization (Manuel B. Aalberts & Ewald Engelen | Environment and Planning, Vol. 47. 2015)

▷ Raising the Korean War Dead: Bereaved Family Associations and the Politics of 1960-1961 South Korea (Brendan Wright | Asia-Pacific Journal-Japan Focus, Oct 2015)

▷ System that replaces human intuition with algorithms outperforms human teams (Larry Hardesty | Oct 2015)

▷ Capitalist development has undergone – and inflicted – violent historical dislocations in the past. So it is with digital capitalism today (DAN SCHILLER | Open Democracy, Oct 2015)

▷ Libertarian Left: Free-Market Anti-Capitalism, The Unknown Ideal (Sheldon Richman | Center for a Stateless Society, Jan 2013)

▷ Disarticulation goes North (Branko Milanovic | his blog, Oct 2015): "Their interest in worldwide poverty is an ethical sugar-coating over their economic interests".

▷ Be Very Afraid: "The 3 EM Debacles" Loom, HSBC Warns (Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge, Oct 2015)

▷ The Sedimentation of Empire: Review of Véronique Dimier's ^The Invention of European Development Aid Bureaucracy: Recycling Empire^ Palgrave 2014 (Herman Levovics | Books & Ideas, Oct 2015). Direct PDF.

▷ Mapping the UK financial system (Bank of England Quarterly Journal, 2015 Q2)

▷ Category:Open Company Formats─Can we invent new corporate formats for P2P and commons-friendly, fair market approaches? What we need, specifically for peer production, is a supportive ecosystem (P2P Foundation)

▷ Barbarians at the philanthropic gate: are foundation grants to corporations defensible? (LINSEY MCGOEY | Open Democracy, Oct 2015)

▷ 노동소득 분배율과 경제적 불평등 (이병희·황덕순·홍민기·오상봉·전병유·이상헌 | 한국노동연구원 연구보고서 2014-04, 2014년 12월)

▷ ‘소득주도성장론’ 비판: 불평등과 분배에 대한 더욱 담대한 싸움과 전략을 위해 (송명관, May 2015)

▷ Why the Ride up for Interest Rates Could Be Much Bumpier Than the Road Down (Tomas Hirst | Bloomberg, Oct 2015)

▷ The political economy of rate hike-ism (JÉRÉMIE COHEN-SETTON | Brugel, Oct 2015)

▷ Steve Keen: Part 1 - Predicting The Crash (Soundcloud Weekly Economics Podcast, Oct 2015)

▷ [Video: Marc Faber] We Have Colossal Asset Inflation (Oct 2015)

▷ Que signifie la remontée de l’emploi non-salarié ? (Centre d'observation, Sep 2015)

▷ Philosophie de l'argent Georg Simmel (Monique Abellard | Alternatives Economiques Poche n° 021 - novembre 2005)

▷ Thinking as Making: interview with Professor Tim Gold (Sep 2015)

▷ Voices of the Impact Economy - Jeff Clearwater of VillageLab (Oct 2015)

▷ UNITED STATES: Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz Endorses Unconditional Basic Income (Basic Income Earth Network, Sep 2015)

▷ Why Finance Can Save the Planet (JEAN PISANI-FERRY | ProSyn, Sep 2015)


▷ Capitalism is coercive and creates patterns of deprivation, as explained by libertarian blockquotes (Matt Bruenig | his blog, Oct 2015)

▷ Tired of capitalism? There could be a better way (Matt Bruenig | Washington Post, Sep 2015)

▷ Three decades of change in development (Amartya Sen | WIDER Annual Lecture 19, Sep 2015)

▷ Forget 'developing' poor countries, it's time to 'de-develop' rich countries (Jason Hickel | Guardian, Global Development Professional Network, Sep 2015)

▷ 빚 늘려 집사고 지갑은 닫았다 (유엄식 기자 | 머니투데이, Sep 2015) | 2015년 2/4분기중 자금순환(잠정) (한국은행 경제통계국, Sep 2015)

▷ L’idéologie souverainiste à la lumière du trilemme de Rodrik (..., Sep 2015)

▷ Mapping the Future of Development Economics (UN ... 30주년 기념 컨퍼런스, 2015년 9월 17-19일/헬싱키): Joseph Stiglitz 등의 발표 동영상 및 슬라이드

▷ Higher Creativity with Lower Working Memory – Surprises of ADHD, Dyslexia, Giftedness, and More (Fernette Eide | Dyslexic Advantage Bolg, Nov 2014)

▷ The Science of “Chunking,” Working Memory, and How Pattern Recognition Fuels Creativity (Maria Popova | brainpickings, ... )

▷ Property Tax vs. Land Tax: A video (Charles L.Marohon | Executive Dir. of Strong Towns Network, Feb 2012)

▷ Stanford’s “time banking” program helps emergency room physicians avoid burnout (Holly MacCormick | SCOPE, Aug 2015)

▷ The Nature Cure: Why some doctors are writing prescriptions for time outdoors (James Hamblin | The Atlantic, Oct 2015)

▷ 페미니스트 남자를 만나는 방법 (Aug 2015)

▷ 세금 받아 매국하는 학자들, 거대한 카르텔 형성: [인터뷰] 이덕일 한가람역사문화연구소장 “일본 문부성 장학생들이 친일사관 주도”(미디어오늘 | Sep 2015)

▷ If we don’t understand both sides of China’s balance sheet, we understand neither (Michael Pettis | Sep 2015)

▷ ‘Neoliberalism’ and ‘Capitalism’ – what’s the difference? (Jeremy Gilbert, Jul 2015)

▷ The Wörgl Experiment: Austria (1932-1933) (Bernard Lietaer | Currency Solutions for a Wise World, Mar 2010)

▷ Neoliberalism has brought out the worst in us (Paul Verhaeghe | Guardian, Sep 2014)

▷ America’s GDP fetishism is a rare luxury in an age of vulnerability (Joseph Stiglitz | Guardian, Oct 2014)

▷ Democracy Versus Growth? (HAROLD JAMES | ProSyn, Apr 2015)

▷ How the Fed Ended Up Fueling a Subprime Boom (GEORGE SELGIN | Alt-M, Apr 2015): direct PDF link

▷ How a levy based on location values could be the perfect tax (Merryn Somerset Webb | FT, Sep 2013)

▷ Why land value taxes are so popular, yet so rare (The Economist, Nov 2014)

▷ Banking and Shadow Banking (Ji Huang | Princeton Univ. Feb 2015)

▷ Rethinking basic income in a sharing society (RAJESH MAKWANA | Open Democracy, Apr 2015)

▷ Oxfam reaction to the World Bank's Jim Yong Kim speech outlining strategy to end poverty (Lucy Brinicombe | Oxfam, Apr 2015)

▷ This 125-Year-Old Letter Sheds New Light on the Word ‘Hack’ (ROBERT MCMILLAN | Jan 2015)

▷ How can this emergent post-capitalist logic come into its own? (Michel Bauwens | STIR Magazine, Spring 2015)

▷ Dangers Lurk in Fed's Zero Rate Policy (CHRISTOPHER WHALEN | American Banker, Apr 2015)

▷ A Window on China’s New Normal (MARTIN FELDSTEIN | ProSyn, Mar 2015)

▷ China and Global Governance (JAVIER SOLANA | ProSyn, Mar 2015)

▷ ‘Wealth creators’ are robbing our most productive people (George Monbiot | Guardian, Mar 2015)

▷ Greece’s solidarity movement: ‘it’s a whole new model – and it’s working’ (Jon Henley | Guardian, Jan 2015): Citizen-run health clinics, food centres, kitchens and legal aid hubs have sprung up to fill the gaps left by austerity – and now look set to play a bigger role under a Syriza government.

▷ Individuals tend to see themselves as more ‘average’ than is the case (Eugenio Proto & Daniel Sgroi | LSE blog, Mar 2015) 


▷ The Revolution will (not) be decentralised: Blockchains (Rachel O'Dwyer | P2P Foundation, Mar 2015)


▷ Friedrich Hayek and his Visits to Chile (Bruce Caldwell & Leonidas Montes | ... )

▷ Fix housing finance, fix the economy? (Matthew C Klein | FT Alphaville, Sep 2014)

▷ Economists agree: deflation is either good, or bad, or irrelevant (Matthew C Klein | FT Alphaville, Mar 2015)

▷ Nepal's failed development: Nepal is one of the best examples of failed development aid - so why do the donors keep pumping more money in? (Thomas Bell | Aljazeera, Mar 2015)

▷ Lee Kuan Yew–An Appreciation. He Broke the Model (Danny Quah, Mar 2015)

▷ MasterCard Names Cryptocurrency as Major Competitor in New Report ( Amanda B. Johnson | CoinTelegraph, Mar 2015)

▷ The Idea of "Basic Income" Takes Root: Free Money for Everyone! What’s the World Coming To? (DANIEL RAVENTÓS and JULIE WARK | CounterPunch, Mar 2015)

▷ Baseline Solidarity, an interview with John Freeman, editor of Tales of Two Cities: The Best and Worst of Times in Today’s New York (Rachel Worrall | Electric Literature, Mar 2015)

▷ Climate Justice and Degrowth: a tale of two movements (Tadzio Müller | Degrowth.de, Oct 2014)

▷ Marc Andreessen went on an epic but flawed tweetstorm about the sharing economy and income inequality (SHANE FERRO | Business Insider, Mar 2015)

▷ “If we no longer force people to work to meet their basic needs, won’t they stop working?”- Acknowledging our one option society (Scott Santens | Medium, Feb 2015)

▷ When Fatigue Boosts Creativity (OLGA KHAZAN | The Atlantic, Mar 2015)

▷ Bitcoin, Utopianism and the Future of Money (Nigel Dodd, Mar 2015)

▷ Rise of the Network Commons (Armin Medosh | P2P Foundation, Mar 2015)

▷ Cooperation Unbound: a reciprocal model for democratic education (Henry Tam, Mar 2015)

▷ DAOs, DACs, DAs and More: An Incomplete Terminology Guide (Vitalik Buterin, May 2014)

▷ BETWEEN COPYLEFT AND COPYFARLEFT: ADVANCE RECIPROCITY FOR THE COMMONS (Miguel Said Vieira & Primavera De Filippi | Journal of Peer Production, )

▷ Interview: Thomas Piketty Responds to Criticisms from the Left (Potemkin, Winter? 2015)

▷ Rebooting Democracy: Traditional democratic institutions are failing. It’s time for an upgrade (JOHN BOIK, LORENZO FIORAMONTI, GARY MILANTE | Foreign Policy, Mar 2015)

▷ Japan’s Accounting Problem (ADAIR TURNER | Project Syndicate, Mar 2015)

▷ China's Great Famine: the true story (Tania Branigan | Guardian, Jan 2013)

▷ China: With friends like these (James Kynge and Gabriel Wildau | FT, Mar 2015)

▷ Labour faces important strategic challenges as new social cleavages emerge (Eric Shaw | LSE-British Politics and Policy, May 2014)

▷ How do banks create money, and why can other firms not do the same? An explanation for the coexistence of lending and deposit-taking (Richard A. Werner | International Review of Financial Analysis, Dec 2014)

▷ COMPLEMENTARY CURRENCIES FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN KENYA: THE CASE OF THE BANGLA-PESA (William O. Ruddick, Morgan A. Richards, & Jem Bendell | International  Journal  of  Community  Currency
Research, Vol. 19, 2015)

▷ Financial Crisis Or Monetary Crisis? (Susana Martín Belmonte | ..., Jun 2014)

▷ Cutting through concepts: virtual currencies get real   (KPMG, Mar 2015)

▷ Considerations in Dynamic Scoring and Macroeconomic Modeling: The Link Between Tax Cuts, Inequality, and Growth (Anna Chu | Center for American Progress, March 2015)

Does finance benefit society? The answer depends on who is asking the question (Monika Halan | LiveMint, Mar 2015)

Alternative Currencies Are Bigger Than Bitcoin: How They’re Building Prosperity From London to Kenya (Raúl Carrillo | Yes! Magazine, Mar 2015)

▷ The monetary experiment in Wörgl – Wörgls Free Money (Unterguggenberger Institut Wörgl , ...)

▷ Silvio Gesell: ‘a strange, unduly neglected’monetary theorist (Cordelius Ilgmann, 2011)


▷ Decoupling of Wage Growth and Productivity Growth? Myth and Reality (João Paulo Pessoa, John Van Reenen | Resolution Foundation, Jan 2012)

▷ The wedges between productivity and median compensation growth ( Lawrence Mishel | Economic Policy Institute, April 26, 2012)

▷ What is P2P? An Introduction (Interview with and a text by Michel Bauwens, Feb 2014)

▷ 인류학자 데이비드 그레이버에게 듣는 BBC 라디오의 10차례 기획물: 채무의 역사 (Mar 2015)

▷ Nation-states aren't households: debating their economies as if they are is stupid (ELIANE GLASER | New Statesman, Mar 2015)

▷ The below-zero lower bound (Jérémie Cohen-Setton | Brugel, Mar 2015)

▷ Unravelled: demystifying bank capital (Associate of Corporate Counsel, Lexicology)

▷ Some of education b Cullen Roche: What is Money ; Understanding Moneyness ; Understanding Inside Money and Outside Money

▷ 3 Steve Keen Kingston Masters lectures on endogenous money: (1)(2)(3)

From Conflict to Common Ground (ed. Juan Ugarriza and Didier Caluwaerts | Palgrave, 2104)

▷ Capitalism’s secret love affair with bureaucracy (David Graeber | FT, Mar 2015)

▷ A maverick currency scheme from the 1930s could save the Greek economy (George Monbiot | Guardian, Feb 2015)

▷ What the Fed really thinks: Big data meets the double mandate (The Economist, Mar 2015)

▷ US Factory Orders Drop For 6th Month In A Row - Worst Since Lehman (Tyler Durden | Mar 2015)

▷ Here's How ECB QE Will Work (Lorcan Roche Kelly | Bloomberg, Mar 2015)

▷ Reflections on the future of the sharing economy ( Rajesh Makwana | Resilience, Mar 2015)

▷ Negative interest rates could crush European bank profits — just look at what's happening in Sweden (TOMAS HIRST | Business Insider UK, Mar 2015)

▷ Virtual currency schemes─a further analysis (ECB, Feb 2015)

▷ The latest signs China’s trillions in debt are getting tricky to handle (Gwynn Guilford  | Quartz, Mar 2015)

▷ Spend less on stuff, more on experiences (James Wallman | Guardian, Feb 2015)

▷ Community Currency Knowledge Gate─Quick Gudie | For Practioners

▷ Inequality and innovation: the end of another trickle down theory? (Geoff Mulgan | Nesta, Feb 2015)

▷ A book: Design Attitude,

▷ The Sacrament of Creation: What Can We Expect from Pope Francis's Ecological Encyclical? (Clive Hamilton | Religion of Ethics, Mar 2015)

▷ The Negative Way to Growth? (Nouriel Roubini | Project Syndicate, Feb 2015)

▷ The Innovative State: Governments Should Make Markets, Not Just Fix Them ( Mariana Mazzucat | Foreign Affairs, Jan/Feb 2015)

▷ The Moral Economy Of The Twenty-First Century Debtor: Revisiting E.P. Thompson In An Online World (Liam Stanley, Joe Deville, Johnna Montgomerie | New Left Project, Mar 2015)

▷ The Strange Urge to Raise Rates (Paul Krugman |  NYT, Mar 2015)

▷ Was quantitative easing best way to boost US economy? ( Kenneth Rogoff | Boston Globe, Feb 2015)

▷ Vue d'ensemble de l'économie collaborative avec Michel Bauwens (Mar 2013)

▷ Do-it-yourself : le projet d'autonomie de Castoriadis à Castorama (A blog, Nov 2013)

▷ Old economics, new stirrings (Frontline's Interview with Ha-Joon Chang, Feb 2015)

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Money, eh? It essential to modern life as air and water. But what do we know about it. It’s been sung about by everyone. Money can’t buy you live, is the root of all evil, and doesn’t grow on trees. It really doesn’t. We make it up, it’s a human abstract. We have faith in it, and we don’t question it. Where does it come from? Who creates it? Things get murky.
▷ Why I support Positive Money – Videos from Conference 2014 (Positive Money, Apr 2014)

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▷ Now you see them: Central banks will be financing governments on a permanent basis (The Economist, Apr 2014). "Quantitative easing reduces accountability, boosts inequality and... is here to stay."

▷ The innovators: Hull bets on bitcoin spinoff to boost local economy (Guardian, Apr 2014). Council and cryptocurrency developer collaborate on HullCoin, which will be used to reward residents for voluntary work.
Hull city council has joined forces with a cryptocurrency developer to launch a bitcoin spinoff designed solely for use in the city. HullCoin is being "mined" by the council, and will be awarded as a reward for voluntary work, as well as given out by food banks with aid packages. The aim is to spark the creation of a local economy, similar in scope to the Brixton Pound in south London.
▷ The death of a great American city: why does anyone still live in Detroit? (Guardian, Apr 2014)

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▷ Local Currency Supports Resilient Cities (John Boik | polis, Jan 2014).
Well-designed monetary and financial systems at the local level carry many potential benefits. More currency enters circulation (without need for the federal government to print money), more spending stays in the community, tax revenues increase, and urban problems such as poverty and environmental damage can be addressed locally. To top it off, it's already legal; no new laws have to be passed.
The Token Exchange System is a local monetary and financial plan based on electronic currency (tokens) issued through a membership-based community benefit corporation. Members receive tokens as a portion of their wages, or from sales if they own a business. Employees might also receive raises paid in tokens. Members use a percentage of incoming tokens to provide interest-free loans to local businesses and donations to local schools, nonprofits and public services. Each member decides which businesses and groups he or she will fund.
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▷ When the Scientist Is Also a Philosopher (N. GREGORY MANKIW | NYT, Mar 2014). "This piece by Mankiw has sensible things to say about economists' implicit values but loses me at the end", says Dani Rodrik @rodrikdani.

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▷ IMF sees need to raise labor share in Japan... & Krugman critique (Edward Lambert | Effective Demand, Mar 2014)

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▷ This isn’t an economic recovery - it’s a relapse (JAMES MEADWAY | NEF, Mar 2014)

▷ BID TO GIVE CUMBRIA ITS OWN CURRENCY (In-Crumbia, Mar 2014). It would be a way to ensure money earned in Cumbria is spent with local businesses and and could also provide them with an interest free means of credit.

▷ Four ideas to solve the low pay crisis ( DAVID CHRISTIE | ㅣLeftFoot Forward, ,Mar 2014)

▷ The Wolves of Wall Street (Robert Skidelsky | ProSyn, Mar 2014). "It is not the extent of the financial system that should alarm us, but its concentration and connectivity."

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▷ Comment le bitcoin participe à la désintermédiation bancaire et financière (Le nouvel Econoiste.fr, Mar 2014)

▷ Peter Smith: Views from a Georgist Ecologist

▷ A Relentless Widening of Disparity in Wealth (Eduardo Porter | NYT, Mar 2014)

▷ Why the world is worrying about this not-so-precious metal (Global Post, Mar 2014)

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▷ DIGITAL (CRYPTO) MONEY AND ALTERNATIVE FINANCIAL CIRCUITS: Lead the attack to the heart of the State, sorry, of financial market – by Andrea Fumagalli (Feb 2014)

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▷ We already live in the age of robots—we just don’t call them that ( Christopher Mims @mims | Quartz, Mar 2014)

▷ Environmental Pillar policy on Site Value Tax (Smart Taxes, Oct 2012)

▷ Value Capture and Ecology (Edward Miller | EmbraceUnity, Dec 2011)


▷ The truth is out: money is just an IOU, and the banks are rolling in it (David Graeber | Guardian, Mar 2014). The Bank of England's dose of honesty throws the theoretical basis for austerity out the window

▷ Underestimating Capital, Overestimating Labour: A Response to Andrew Kliman (Sam Gindin | New Left Project, Mar 2014)

▷ Clarifying ‘Secular Stagnation’ and the Great Recession (Andrew Kliman | New Left Project, Mar 2014)

▷ Clarifying the Crisis: How should we assess the 2008 economic crash — and the political possibilities beyond it? (Sam Gindin | Jacobin, Jan 2014)

▷ Are Corporations Hoarding Cash? It's Complicated (KEVIN DRUM | Mother Jones, Mar 2014)

▷ Democracy Reboot: RE-Imagining Democracy and Currency in Europe (Event, Mar 14 2014)

▷ 이것은 하나의 기적이다 (시사인, 2014년 3월): 한 사람의 편지에서 출발한 ‘노란봉투 프로젝트-우리가 만드는 기적 4만7000원’이 거대한 물결이 되고 있다. 국내 소셜 펀딩 사상 유례 없는 흐름이다. 피해자 구제에 그치지 말고 관련 법을 정비..

▷ Inequality: Why are the rich getting richer? (Positive Money, 2013)

▷ Positive Money’s Chief Economist leaves as Bank of England now knows where money comes from (Positive Money, Mar 2014)

▷ Book Review: Reclaiming Development: An Alternative Economic Policy Manual by Ha-Joon Chang and Ilene Grabel (LSE Review of Books, Mar 2014)

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▷ Albi. Ils veulent installer une monnaie locale ( ... )

▷ Contrary to popular and academic belief, Adam Smith did not accept inequality as a necessary trade-off for a more prosperous economy (Deborah Boucoyannis | LSE.., Feb 2014)

▷ Economist Nouriel Roubini Slams Bitcoin, Calls it a ‘Ponzi Game’ (CoinDesk, Mar 2014)

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▷ “Keynesian” Myths and Misunderstandings (CULLEN ROCHE, Mar 2014)

▷ Capital in the 21 Century: Still Mired in the 19th (Dean Baker | Huffington Post, Mar 2014). Dean Baker's Review of Thomas Piketty's book.

▷ The Economist: Fortunes are from Land or Capital? (Progress Report, Feb 2014). on Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-first Century”.

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▷ Banking isn’t a wonderful life now as suicides sweep financial district (Jonathon M. Trugman | New York Post, Mar 2014)

▷ Ecosocialism: Putting on the Brakes Before Going Over the Cliff (Michael Löwy | TruthOut, Mar 2014)

▷ China’s Shadow Menace (YAO YANG | ProSyn, Mar 2014). "How the growth of unregulated banking could lead to a major financial crisis in China."

▷ The pattern is clear. It's a simple model, but the predator finance capitalist model is devastatingly effective. (Mike Norman Economics, Mar 2014)

▷ 17 million Reasons Rent Control is Efficient (Cameron K Murray, ...)

▷ Economic Recovery: Modernising Money (Ian Tennant | The Ecologist, ...)

▷ Bitcoin: Whatever Doesn't Kill It Only Makes It Stronger (Emily Spaven | Forbes, Mar 2014)

▷ Startup myths and obsessions (Mariana Mazzucato | Economist, Feb 2014). putting importance of SMEs to economic growth into perspective, and where to focus.

▷ Banks must be organised and regulated to benefit the wider economy rather than their own more narrow interests (Chris Martin | LSE-British Politics and Policy, Feb 2014)

▷ Malthus, Marx, and Modern Growth (Kenneth Rogoff | ProSyn, Mar 2014)

▷ Don't bet on dollar weakness (Sober Look, Mar 2014)

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▷ The Secret History of the Financial Crisis (HAROLD JAMES | ProSyn, Mar 2014)

▷ How to break the stranglehold of academics on critical thinking (Razmig Keucheyan | Guardian, Jan 2014). New social movements such as Occupy need institutions to help elaborate their ideas. Where will a modern collective intellectuality spring from?

▷ Not even climate change will kill off capitalism (Razmig Keucheyan | Guardian, Mar 2014). As long as the conditions for investment and profit remain, the system will adapt. Which is why we need a revolution.

▷ Bitcoin creator found (http://coinde.sk/1faCHYj ), or maybe not (http://bit.ly/1kEpMpI ), and this is why http://bit.ly/1kEpMpJ

▷ Voices: The dark side of Bitcoin (USA Today, Mar 2014)

▷ EQUALITY, GROWTH & POLICY (Stumbling and Mumbling, Mar 2014)

▷ The startling human progress that economists fail to see (John Kay | FT, Mar 2014)

▷ Answers to the Anguish of the Ages (Allen Butcher | Fellowship of Intentioneers, Oct 2013)

▷ 한국학종합DB

▷ All taxes come out of rents (Rumplestatskin, Feb 2014)

▷ Some Considerations of the Consequences of the Lowering of Interest and the Raising the Value of Money, Part 3 (John Locke, ...). "Taxes, however contriv'd, and out of whose Hand soever immediately taken, do in a Country, where their great Fund is in Land, for the most part terminate upon Land." "Here, #JohnLocke was the first economist to spell out the #ATCOR (all taxes come out of rent) principle. "

▷ Sharing Is the New Buying (VisionCritical, CrowdCompanies)

▷ The Collaborative Economy Is Exploding, And Brands That Ignore It Are Out Of Luck (FastCoexist.com, Mar 2014)

▷ An Explanation of Water and Your Body (Medium, Jan 2014)

▷ The 30 second habit with a lifelong impact (Robyn Scott | Medium, Mar 2014)

▷ Climate Change Felt in Deep Waters of Antarctica (Sarah Zielinski | smithsonianmag.com, Mar 2014)

▷ Ethical farming dilemma: should we be helping the chicken or fixing the egg? (Guardian, Mar 2014). The decision between caged, cage-free or pasture-raised eggs might seem simple, but it isn't. What's best for the environment may not be best for the bird – or for people

▷ A man walks into a bank (Patrick Combs | FT, Aug 2012). Patrick Combs deposits a junk-mail cheque for $95,000 – for a joke. The bank cashes it


▷ From Braudel’s Triptych to the Closed Loop Economy (Zsuzsanna E. SZALAY, 부다페스트 대학). 보조화폐 시스템에 대한 2차 국제 컨퍼런스 발표 자료, 2013년 6월.


▷ East Africa’s Prosperity Gap (MICHAEL MEYER | ProSyn, Mar 2014). “No society that hopes to prosper can afford to leave large parts of its population stuck in the poverty trap.”

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▷ Let's rethink the idea of the state: it must be a catalyst for big, bold ideas (Mariana Mazzucato | The Observer, Dec 2013)

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▷ Agenda for Fear: The Right-Wing Threat to Urban Planning Everywhere (Don Terry | Next City, Feb 2014). "It’s the age of the Tea Party—all gov't is bad. That’s why they threw an amazing, award-winning plan into the trash.”

▷ New London Land Value Taxation Analysis Report: Land Value Tax Committee Implementation Plan (...) From Nate's mention

▷ Assessing the Theory and Practice of Land Value Taxation (Policy Focus Report) (Dye, Richard F. and Richard W. England | Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Feb 2010): Full PDF.

▷ Pretending to care about housing affordability (Feb 2014). Australia is embarking on another Inquiry into housing affordability. In the past decade almost every government body, at every level of government, that has any function related to any aspect of housing policy, has conducted similar inquiries. With zero results. Is it time we stopped pretending to care?

▷ Big Data, Big New Businesses (NIGEL SHADBOLT, MICHAEL CHUI | ProSyn, Feb 2014). Consumers making better-informed buying decisions could capture an estimated $1.1 trillion in value annually

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▷ What's Minted Here, Stays Here: Local Currency in the Berkshires (Alice Maggio | Presencing Institute, ... )

▷ New Book and Breakthrough on Dialectical Meta-Systemic Thinking & Decision Making (Otto Laske's Measuring Hidden Dimensions of Human Systems)

▷ Money and the Crisis of Civilization (Charles Eisenstein, 2009). "Just as fire breaks existing chemical bonds & frees heat, so does our economy break the bonds of community, nature, & culture, liberating free energy─called money─in the process."

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▷ Should the Basic Income Become a New Human Right? This Video Explains What It is in 3 Minutes (Films For Action, Mar 2013)

▷ From Bangla-Pesa to Bitcoin, Kenyans' Love for Alternative Money Goes Global ( Mwakilishi, Feb 2014)

▷ Bangla-Pesa: http://koru.or.ke/bangla

▷ Bangla-Pesa - Empowering a Grassroots Economy (a video, 2013): Understand #BanglaPesa, Kenyan promising #communitycurrency. Watch this 3 mins animation: By changing how we think of money and development we can move from poverty to abundance. Bangla-Pesa was shown to increase local trade by 22% in only two weeks in a community of 20,000 people living in a Kenyan slum.

▷ WIR Bank Report - RAI Television English SUB (youtuve). 60.000 SMEs use a #CommunityCurrency parallel to the Swiss Franc

▷ Strengthening the community with GEM (Summer Foundation, Feb 2014). a local money innovation in South Africa. cf. http://www.gemproject.org/

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▷ Review of “Debt: The First 5000 Years” by David Graeber (Aaron Campbell, Feb 2014)

▷ Change to UK's money system could solve our long-term economic problems (Ben Dyson | Guardian, Feb 2014). If electronic money was created directly by the Bank of England progress would be made, but sparks would inevitably fly.

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▷ Post-Growth Growth Models (SIMON ZADEK | ProSyn, Feb 2014)

▷ Death by Finance (Dani Rodrik | ProSyn, Feb 2014).  It is time to think how the world can create a saner balance between finance and the real economy

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▷ Out of the Wild (Orion Magazine, 2013). Two acclaimed authors discuss how the language we use shapes the planet we live on. A CONVERSATION BETWEEN WILLIAM CRONON AND MICHAEL POLLAN

▷ Bitcoin: will it win over retail? (Guadian, Feb 2014). A virtual currency free from any government regulation is making some headway, but it is too early to judge its staying power

▷ This Cryptocurrency is Backed by Solar Energy (Derek Markham | Ecopreneurist, ... )

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▷ Brick and mortar retailers installing real-time bitcoin price tags (BitTag) (Personal Finance, Feb 2014)

▷ Why isn’t your government doing all this? (FoodTrade, Mar 2012)

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▷ To go for gold, Dogecoin needs to keep its good-guy image (Digital Trends, Feb 2014)

▷ David Simon on America as a Horror Show (.., Jan 2014)

▷ Bitcoin Micropayments Get Big Moment As Chicago Sun-Times Paywall Experiment Goes Live (CoinDesk, Feb 2014)

▷ Macroeconomic Populism Returns (Paul Krugman | NYT, Feb 2014). @Noahopinion: I think many people don't realize how mild and middle-of-the-road Paul Krugman's economic views are.

▷ http://peercoin.net/

▷ Gary Engler — Why Capitalism Can’t Fix Our Most Urgent Problems (Mike Norman Economics, Feb 2014)

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▷ Business leaders in Davos keen to mainstream circular economy (Jo Confino | Guardian, Jan 2014). Chief executives said biggest barrier to progress is ingrained mindset of 'manufacture, use and dispose'

▷ Official data shows longest fall in living standards for 50 years (Guardian, Jan 2013). Labour seizes on figures to put pressure on Tories as ONS says real wages falling on almost all measures

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▷ Video of the Day: Bittunes – Super Distribution meets CC meets Bitcoin (Stacco Troncoso | P2P Foundation, Jan 2014)

▷ It Is Not a Revolution, It Is a New Networked Renaissance (Stacco Troncoso | P2P Foundation, Jan 2014)

▷ 'We lost everything gambling on shares’: As DIY investing goes mainstream, one couple lost their life savings by using a tool meant for professionals (The Telegraph, Feb 2014)

▷ Economics is contradictory and will never be able to properly consider the environment (Jon Mulberg | British Politics and Policy at LSE, Oct 2013)

▷ When is a slave a slave? (Beate Andrees in Geneva, Guardian Specialist | Guadian, Modern-day Slavery Hub, Jan 2014). While calling certain practices slavery may raise attention to it, not all children who are exposed to hazardous work are slaves and not all workers who don't receive a fair wage are forced.

▷ Does Anything Matter? (PETER SINGER | ProSyn, Jun 2013)

▷ Why This Harvard Economist Is Pulling All His Money From Bank Of America (Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge, Jan 2014)

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▷ Windfall: The Booming Business of Global Warming

▷ How Big Pharma Brainwashes Americans Into Believing They're Sick (Alternet, Jan 2014)

▷ The World Economy’s Impossible Demand (MAREK DABROWSKI | ProSyn, Jan 2014). the financial liberalization of the 1990’s and early 2000’s is also under threat.
▷ 5 reasons the ECB will act in the months ahead (Sober Look, Jan 2014)

▷ The Stealth Privatization of Pennsylvania's Bridges (TruthOut, Jan 2014)

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▷ Brixton People's Kitchen: Bringing People Together To Reduce Food Waste

▷ Vault of Satoshi Rolls Out New Altcoin Support (CoinDesk, Jan 2014)

▷ Obama Calls for "Opportunity for All": 8 Policies to Make It Happen (Sarah van Gelder | YES! Megazine, Jan 2014)

▷ Peacecoin PEC Information (CryptoCoinTalk, Jan 2014)

▷ Let banks fail: Iceland’s plan looks to be working (Financial Post, Jan 2014)

▷ FlightCar: Sharing Economy Takes Another Legal Hit (TriplePundit, Jan 2014)

▷ Book of the Day: Leading from the Emerging Future – from Ego-system to Eco-system Economies (P2P Foundation, Jan 2014)

▷ Federal “Consumer Watchdog” Turns to City 311s for Citizen Complaints (The Shared City, Jan 2014)

▷ Bitcoin and the Three Laws of Robotics (Stan Larimer, President, Invictus Innovations, Inc. | Let'sTalkaboutBitcoin, ...)

▷ World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes Reveals How The Global Elite Rule The World ( Michael Snyder | The Economic Collapse, Sep 2013)

▷ Finance's hold on our everyday life must be broken (Costas Lapavitsas| Guardian, Jan 2014). The rampant capitalism that has brought the market into every corner of society needs to be reined in

▷ A recovery built on sand (NEF, Jan 2014)

▷ Could Iceland actually be any more progressive? (Alex Evans | Global Dashboard, Jan 2014)

▷ Can earth building scale up to the mainstream? 3: Robert Alcock on the power of keeping it small (Transition Network, ...)

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▷ Charlie Shrem Arrest is Latest Chapter in Silk Road Story (CoinDesk, Jan 2014)

▷ 5 Reasons the TransPacific Partnership Fast Track Must Be Stopped (The Understory, ...)

▷ Bitcoin transformative as the Web, venture capitalist says (CNBC, Jan 2014)

▷ Why Is This Year's Flu So Dangerous for Young Adults? (MotherJones, Jan 2014)

▷ Filling in the Gaps on Fukushima Radiation and Its Effects on Fish (EcoWatch Jan 2014)

▷ You Can’t Stop Urban Flooding (The Next City, .. )

▷ BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem Arrested in Silk Road Bitcoin Bust (CoinDesk, Jan 2014)

▷ ‘Bitcoin is a small player even in illegal transactions’(RT.com, Jan 2014)

▷ I LOVE BITCOIN’S VOLATILITY (The Mises Circle, Jan 2014).

▷ Procter & Gamble and Unilever adapt marketing to empowered consumers (Guardian, Jan 2014). Why have the two holding companies relinquished their anonymity in their new advertising campaigns?

▷ When Monetary Superpowers Flex, Emerging Market Investors Flee ( David Beckworth, Jan 2014)

▷ Emerging markets forced to tighten by US and Chinese monetary superpowers (Telegraph, Jan 2014). The global chain reaction resembles what happened in the East Asia crisis in 1997-1998 when domino effects swept the region

▷ Will Canada Become 'The Silicon Valley Of Bitcoins?' (Huff Post, Jan 2014)

▷ Everything You Need to Know About the New York Hearings on Bitcoin (CoinDesk, Jan 2014)

▷ Charts: Unemployment Benefits' Big Bang for the Buck (MotherJones, Jan 2014). Spending on jobless benefits and food stamps has a much higher return on investment than tax cuts

▷ Missing Comma: Seeing The Future (Trevor Hultner | C4SS, Jan 2014)

▷ Jeremy Allaire: Regulators, Wall Street and Bitcoin Hitting the Mainstream (CoinDesk, Jan 2014). To enter the mainstream "bitcoin needs Wall Street"

▷ Release Early, Release Often

▷ Release early, release often in scientific research: Why don't academics discuss research before starting the work? (OpenSource.com, Dec 2013)

▷ Why McDonald's should focus on less beef and higher wages (Guardian, Jan 2014)

▷ Class divide on campus: Adjunct professors fight for better pay, benefits (NBC, Jan 2014)

▷ America’s False Dawn (STEPHEN S. ROACH | ProSyn, Jan 2014)

▷ Digital Common Law Institute

▷ "The history of protocols is that it's a winner-takes-all market." - @fredwilson at the New York bitcoin hearings

▷ Pete Seeger Interview: How Can I Keep from Singing? (Sarah van Gelder | YES! Megazine, Feb 2009)

▷ Strategic Crowdfunding – The Next Revolution (Michael H. Shuman | BALLE-Be a Localist, ..)

▷ Crypto at the OK Corral (Jem Bendell, Jan 2014)

▷ Missing politics and food sovereignty (Future Agricultures, Jan 2014)

▷ What Is a Bitcoin, Really? (Preshing on Programming, Jan 2014)

▷ GABRIEL KOLKO REVISITED, PART 1: KOLKO AT HOME (Joseph R. Stromberg | The Future of Freedom Foundation, Jan 2014). "All historically existing capitalist systems have relied on the state"

▷ ‘Misguided’ nations lock up valuable geospatial data:“Open data policies are much more economically generative than closed ones.”(Sci-Dev.Net, )

▷ One very cool thing about the evolving distributed autonomous organization (DAC/DAO) layer on top of cryptocurrencies is that it increasingly allows programmable governance.

▷ Marx Is Back: The global working class is starting to unite -- and that's a good thing ( CHARLES KENNY | Foreign Policy, Jan 2014)

▷ What Could Go Wrong? Only Danger Is The High Probability Of (Trying To) Return To A Feudal Serf System. :( (Mike Norman Economics, Jan 2014)

▷ Bitcoin Figure Is Accused of Conspiring to Launder Money (NYT, Jan 2014)

▷ Growing Power celebrates farm-to-school food deal (Jan 2014)

▷ Enliven Public Spaces in 5 Easy Steps (On the Commons, Jan 2014)

▷ Deep Decarbonization (JEFFREY D. SACHS | ProSyn, Jan 2014)

▷ Derivatives, Futures and Protecting Against Bitcoin’s Risks (CoinDesk, Jan 2014)

▷ Pattern Recognition for Management (Loomio, Jan 2014)

▷ Money Laundering Is Financial Thoughtcrime (American Banker, May 2013)

▷ Popular Ownership of the Commons (John Champagne | The Progress Report, Sep 2007)

▷ @thinkcrypto: "what you've done is decentralized decision making" @aantonop & @joerogan talking #bitcoin live now at http://www.ustream.tv/joerogan

▷ Innovate like a startup: what big brands can learn from small companies: Lessons from the beer and soda industries on why the survival of big brands depends on innovation (Guardian, Jan 2014)

▷ Michel Bauwens on the democratization of the means of monetization (Alan Furth | ..., January 27th, 2014)

▷ 7 Reasons to check out Nextcoin (CoinChomp, Dec 2013)

▷ Beyond The Euro: The Left. The Crisis. The Alternative (Alexandria J E Angus | New Economic Perspective, Jan 2014) via

▷ WHAT IS THE “IRREDUCIBLE CORE” OF BITCOIN?: Or… why is it so hard to come up with a simple, yet accurate, explanation of Bitcoin and its importance? (RICHARD GENDAL BROWN,  )

▷ The Marxist Nightmare Of The 1 Percent ( JOE WEISENTHAL | Business Insider, Jan 2014)

▷ Pay Me in Bitcoin, IT Professionals Say -- Survey (WSJ, Jan 27 2014)

▷ Major UK Banks Face Backlash After Withdrawal Limits and Delays (CoinDesk, Jan 2014)

▷ "Our Food Is Dishonestly Priced": Michael Pollan on the Food Movement's Next Goal of Justice for Food Workers (TruthOut, Jan 2014)

▷ IBM and SAP open up big data platforms for citizen science: IT companies are making enterprise technology available to citizen projects that could benefit both the environment and business (Guardian, Han 2014)

▷ Local Shoppers smash Bristol Pound's £20k Christmas target (The Bristol Post, Jan 2014)

▷ 왜 대학교를 돈 내고 다니죠? (시사인, 2013년 11월)

▷ Poverty and Inequality, in Charts (JARED BERNSTEIN | NYT Economix, Jan 2014)

▷ Why are US corporate profits so high? Because wages are so low (Jamie McGeever | Reuters, Jan 2014)

▷ Man Burning Money (a video, )

▷ As Bitcoin Takes Off, Regulators Want In (Bitcoin Channel, Jan 2014)

▷ Newly-minted marriage between metals and Bitcoin (Bitcoin Channel, Jan 2014)

▷ Agorist Class Theory: Marxist Classes (Wally Conger | C4SS, Jan 2014)

▷ How Social Resilience Can Save Your City (Will Kenton | Rockfeller Foundation-100 Resilient Cities, Jan 2014)

▷ The Proof That Banks Create Money (Positive Money, )

▷ Food companies must stand up to the fossil fuel sector on climate change (Kumi Naidoo | Guardian Food Blog, Jan 2014)

▷ Crowdfunding for features (backet.app.net, )

▷ The Decline of Upward Mobility (RICHARD N. HAASS | ProSyn, Jan 2014)
▷ Smartcoin SMC Information (CryptoCoinTalk, Jan 2014)

▷ Head of Russia’s Largest Bank Backs Bitcoin, Again (CoinDesk, Jan 2014)

▷ 서울시 가계부채 현황조사 및 악성화 경로 추적과 맞춤형 대책 마련 방안 (서울연구원, 2014년 1월)

▷ China Halts Bank Cash Transfers (Forbes, Jan 26 2014)

▷ The Office of the Future ( | Huff Post, Jan 2014)

▷ James Turk: We're Living Within A Money Bubble of Epic Proportion: On par with the South Sea & Dutch Tulip bubbles (Adam Taggart | Chris Martenson's Peak, Jan 25 2014)

▷ The Rand is Dying Can Bitcoin Save Us? (News24, Jan 2014)

▷ Asian Stocks Head for Biggest 3-Day Drop in Five Months (Bloomberg New, Jan 27 2014)

▷ Emerging Market FX: The Straw That Broke The Carry-Trade's Back ( Tyler Durden | ZeroHedge, Jan 2014)

▷ Analysis: Emerging market pain not about to faze U.S.-focused Fed (Reuters, Jan 2014)

▷ New California Law Envisions a Brighter Future for Urban Agriculture (Food First, Jan 2014)

▷ The Wrong Debate: Helicopter Drops vs. Quantitative Easing ( by David Beckworth | Macro and Other Market Musings, Dec 2013)

▷ [ANN] Ethereum: Welcome to the Beginning (Vitalik Buterin | bitcointalk.org, Jan 2014)

▷ Ayn Rand And Sociopathy (Natasha Petrova | C4SS, Jan 2014)

▷ Ethereum – A Glimpse Into A Revolutionary Future (Brian Fabian Crain | EPICENTER BITCOIN, Jan 2014)

▷ Bitcoin Is Not Yet Ready for the Real World (MARK T. WILLIAMS | NYT, Jan 2014)

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▷ Bitcoin should not be seen as a currency, warns Ernst & Young: The professional services firm argues that bitcoin should be viewed as a payment system, not a currency replacement (Alex Hern | Guardian, Dec 2013)

▷ Why the Chinese can't get enough of Bitcoin - despite bank ban ( Peter Ford, Staff  | Christian Science Monitor, Dec 2013)

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▷ Book of the Day: Digital Disconnect – How Capitalism is Turning the Internet Against Democracy (hartsellml | P2P Foundation, Jan 2014)

▷ MASTER LIST OF ALL CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGES (Exchange Master Information, Jan 2014)

▷ Could These 3 Simple Changes to Banking Fix the Economy? (Positive Money, Jan 2014). If someone told you that a mountain of personal debt could be cleared via 3 simple changes to the way that money and banking works, would you like to know how? Would you like to see a more stable economy, with more jobs, less personal and government debt? Would you like to see money created free of debt and going into the real economy and support businesses, instead of getting trapped in financial and property markets? This video explains how 3 simple changes to the way that money and banking works would make all this (and much more) possible.

▷ Nobel Laureate Thinks Bitcoin is an “Amazing” Bubble (CoinDesk, Jan 2014)

▷ The biological basis of resilient cities (The Ecologist, Jan 2014). "sustainability means following Nature's design principles"

▷ Can we talk about enviromental sustainability within our current money system? (Stacco Troncoso | P2P Foundation, Jan 2014)
▷ World's 85 richest people have as much as poorest 3.5 billion: Oxfam warns Davos of ‘pernicious impact’ of the widening wealth gap (Independent, Jan 2014)

▷ Open Source Business Strategy (OpenDor Development Group, Jan 2014)

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▷ Brett Scott, author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance, podcast: Open Source Finance (Pluto Press)

▷ The challenges of setting up a social investment fund (Guardian-Social Enterprise Network, Jan 2014)

▷ Free Trade and Costly Love (Robert Skidelsky | ProSyn, Jan 2014). “The essence of globalization – free trade – rests on the theory of comparative advantage” “The argument for free trade is an argument for welfare, but welfare defined exclusively in terms of money. Time is money: the more money you can squeeze out of an hour’s work, the better off you are. But what about all of the things that you enjoy doing, or that you think of as valuable, that do not maximize your earnings?”

▷ HSBC: The World's Dirtiest Bank (Raging Bull-Shit, Jan 2014). excerpted from Chapter 2: Hong Kong ShanghaiedBig Oil & Their Bankers…)

▷ Making Sense of China’s Growth Model (ZHANG JUN | Project Syndicate, Jan 2014)

▷ Catching the second wave: Fossil fuel divestment and ethical finance (Resilience, Jan 2014 | Alex Lenferna, originally published by RTCC)

▷ Paradise Farmed: Inside Kaua'i's Local Food Movement (YES! Magazine, Jan 2014)

▷ Issue decentralized securities using Peershare (Peercointalk.org, sep 2013)

▷ What is Wholesome Power ? (Michel Bauwens | P2P Foundation, Jan 2014)

▷ T Bone Burnett on How He Chooses The Music For "True Detective" (MotherJones, Jan 2014). "People working three jobs just to get by and having to take meth to do it. That's the middle of the country" 

▷ The Implications of Bitcoin: Money Without Government (Jon Matonis (@jonmatonis) | CoinDesk, Jan 2014)

▷ Introducing Ethereum (a video | Ethereum.org, Jan 2014 ): "When the grand experiment that is bitcoin began, the anonymous wizard desired to test two parameters- a trustless, decentralized database enjoying security enforced by the austere relentlessness of cryptography and a robust transaction system capable of sending value across the world without intermediaries. Yet the past five years years have painfully demonstrated a third missing feature: a sufficiently powerful Turing-complete scripting language. Up until this point, most innovation in advanced applications such as domain and identity registration, user-issued currencies, smart property, smart contracts, and decentralized exchange has been highly fragmented, and implementing any of these technologies has required creating an entire meta-protocol layer or even a specialized blockchain. Theoretically, however, each and every one of these innovations and more can potentially be made hundreds of times easier to implement, and easier to scale, if only there was a stronger foundational layer with a powerful scripting language for all of these protocols to build upon. And this need is what we seek to satisfy." | Visit our Bitcoin Talk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?top... | Go here to read the white paper:

▷ $100 Bills Make Up 80% of All U.S. Currency—but Why? (The Atlantic, Nov 2012)
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 John Quiggin and MMT (Modern Money Mechanics, Jan 2014)

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▷ The sharks and the bees: what nature’s patterns teach us about sourcing: A pattern called the Lévy walk has been found all over nature, and humans' habits mimic the paradigm in surprising ways (Amy Larkin | Guardian-Supply Chain Hub, Jan 2014)

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▷ Shoe City vs Sole Rebels (Resilience | John Thackara, originally published by Doors of Perception | JAN 13, 2014)


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▷ On the Matter of Why Bitcoin Matters (Glenn Fleishman | The Magazine on Medium, Jan 2014 ). Marc Andreessen was a big part of turning the Web into a mainstream experience, but seems to misunderstand Bitcoin profoundly, writes Glenn Fleishman.

▷ Writing his Life through the Other: The Anthropology of Malinowski (Michael Young | Public Domain Review)

▷ Money as a social construct and public good (Ann Pettifor | LSE, Jan 2014)

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▷ A Social Network For Insurance That Cuts Costs And Reduces Fraud (Fastcoexit.com). It's easy to embellish insurance claims when it's just some big bad company you're hurting. But what if you knew the people in your network? It turns out the costs are lower for everyone.

▷ Microsoft remotely deleted Tor-based 'Sefnit Botnet' from more than 2 Million System (The Hacker News)

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▷ Nun Faces up to 30 Years for Breaking Into Weapons Complex, Embarrassing the Feds (Josh Harkinson | MotherJones, Jan 2014). Sister Megan Rice and two other activists revealed gaping security flaws at a nuclear facility.

▷ This Guy Died and Asked For His Blood to Be Splashed on a Nuclear Facility (Josh Harkinson | MotherJones, Jan 2014)

▷ Why hasn’t Japan’s massive government debt wreaked havoc (yet)? (Charles Yuji Horioka, Takaaki Nomoto, Akiko Terada-Hagiwara | Vox, Jan 2014)

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▷ Demurrage: An economic proposal by Silvio Gesell to make bills lose their value gradually (P2P Foundation)

▷ Les collectivités au régime (Manuel Domergue | Alternatives Economiques n° 321 - février 2013)

▷ Arguments for Demurrage-Based Post-Growth Currencies (P2P Foundation | Jan 2014): Erik Curren, explaining the proposals of Charles Eisenstein on Demurrage:

▷ Future of money (an interview with Gianluca Dettori | Digital Agenda for Europe, ... )

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▷ Bank Portfolio Determination (Hyman P. Minsky | Bard College_Bard Digital Commons, 1959)

▷ The second wave: forking the Bitcoin Protocol and what it means for the future of money (Michel Bauwens | P2P Foundation, Jan 2014): Excerpted from Carl Miller)

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▷ ‘Degrowth’ Enters the Italian Political Arena (Marco Tistarelli - The Epoch Times, ...)
▷ Social Innovation From the Inside Out (Warren Nilsson & Tana Paddock, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Winter 2014)

▷ Charles Tilly(1985), "War Making and State Making as Organized Crime"  CH 5 in his Bringing the State Back In

▷ Showtime Climate Change Series 'Years of Living Dangerously' Travels Globe (David Bauder, Associated Press, Jan 2014)

▷ Ahead of McCutcheon, Big Money Dominates (Minji Cha, Demos, Jan 2014). on the damage big money is doing to our democracy & economy.

▷ Reality Keys: Bitcoin’s Third-Party Guarantor for Contracts and Deals (Jon Southurst (@southtopia), Coin Desk, Jan 2014). "We think of banks and credit cards, but the next wave of bitcoin disruption is coming – with new targets."

▷ Finance to Support Growth (an interview video, INET, Jan 2014)

▷ Green jobs and reindustrialisation in Europe (Event, Jan 2014, Madrid hosted by Green European Foundation)

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▷ The Conservative War on Liberal Media Has a Long History (NICOLE HEMMERJAN, The Atlantic, Jan 2014)

▷ Why brands should focus on social change, not philanthropy (Graham McLaughlin, Guardian Value-led business hub, Jan 2014). Companies like Walmart are realising that consumers and shareholders trust businesses that incorporate good values

▷ Who Will Tax Bitcoin And How? (Joe Harpaz, Forbes, Jan 2014)

▷ dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, favored by Shiba Inus worldwide

▷ Japan TV: It gets worse every minute at Fukushima plant, groundwater mixing with melted fuel — Gundersen: There’s no end in sight because the nuclear core is in contact with groundwater (VIDEO)
▷ Global-Warming Denial Hits a 6-Year High (Chris Mooney, MotherJones, Jan 2014)

▷ The Dollar Will Never Fall to Bitcoin (Brendan Greeley, BloombergBiz, Dec 2013)

▷ The Missing Mission For Government Spending (WILLIAM JANEWAY, Jan 2014)

▷ 자유시간을 새로운 권리로 변형시켜야 (앙드레 고르, 르몽드디플로마티크, 2013년 7월)

▷ What Does Good Food Mean for Bristol? (video, Bristol Food Policy Council, perhaps Nov 2013)

▷ Erdoğan’s Self-Inflicted Crisis (DANI RODRIK, Jan 2014)

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▷ US Army colonel: world is sleepwalking to a global energy crisis (Nafeez Ahmed, guardian, Jan 2014): Senior figures from industry, military and politics explore risks of financial chaos, oil depletion and climate catastrophe

▷ New Paradigm Economics versus Old Paradigm Economics (Interview with Edward Fullbrook, Real-world Economics Review, Oct 2013)

▷ How Big Money Keeps Populism At Bay ( Thomas Ferguson, Paul Jorgensen, Jie Chen, www.alternet.org, Jan 2014)

▷ The Most Interesting Aspect of Bitcoin as Money… (CULLEN ROCHE, Jan 2014)

▷ I Tried to See Where My T-Shirt Was Made, and the Factory Sent Thugs After Me (Dana Liebelson, MotherJones, Nov 2013): "After meeting India's "sumangali girls," I'll never look at cute, cheap clothes the same way again"


▷ The roots of shadow banking (Enrico Perotti, Jan 2014): The ‘shadow banking’ sector is a loose title given to the financial sector that exists outside the regulatory perimeter but mimics some structures and functions of banks. This column introduces a new CEPR Policy Insight that looks into what we have learned about shadow banking since the Global Crisis.

▷ 16 Reasons Matt Yglesias is Wrong about the Job Guarantee vs. Basic Income (Pavlina Tcherneva, Jan 2014)

▷ Using Agorist Class Theory (James Tuttle, C4SS, Jan 2014)

▷ The Feds Are Ready To Sell $25 Million of Bitcoin Seized From The Silk Road (Forbes, Jan 2014)

▷ WikiLeaks Exposes What Obama's Secret Trade Deal Would Do to the Environment (Kate Sheppard, MotherJones, Jan 2014). The trade deal would make the Obama administration's environmental trade record "worse than George W. Bush's."

▷ Chinese Central Bank Official: We Don’t Want to Suppress Bitcoin (Jon Southurst (@southtopia), Jan 2014)

▷ “Climate Change Invaded My Field”: A Conversation with Historian and Science Advocate Steven Leibo (Deborah Bailin, Jan 2014)

▷ The Global Financial Crisis: An Anatomy of Global Growth (Troy Matheson, IMF Working paper, Mar 2013)

▷ La loi d’avenir agricole adoptée par l’Assemblée nationale (Libération, Jan 2014)

▷ Collaboration is a natural and smart way of interaction between humans (Rubén Gutiérrez, Jan 2014)

▷ Financial dependence, global growth opportunities, and growth revisited (Simone Manganelli, Alexander Popov, European Central Bank, Mar 2013). "If the financial sector is too big the effect on growth becomes negative."

▷ The french senate hearings on #bitcoin are on youtube ("Sénat.fr: Bitcoin et monnaie virtuelle Propos liminaires des auditionnés" Jan 2014)

▷ Pour une histoire transnationale du travail (Fabrice Bensimon, Jan 2014)

▷ Canadian Realtor Accepts Bitcoin Deposits for Residential and Commercial Properties (Danny Bradbury (@dannybradbury), Jan 2014)

▷ French Senate Holds Hearings on Bitcoin (Jon Southurst (@southtopia), Jan 2014)

▷ Sean’s Outpost Founder Plans Ultra-Marathon to Raise 1,000 BTC (Joon Ian Wong (@joonian), Jan 2014)

▷ HELP! I am an owner of one of the largest wine bars in NYC and would like to start accepting Bitcoin. (self.Bitcoin) (Jan 2014)

▷ Modeste proposition pour résoudre la crise de la zone euro: The Modest Proposal 4.0, published by Les Petit Matins, with a foreword by Michel Rocard (Yanis Varoufakis, Jan 2014)

▷ Le Monde interview on the french edition of the Modest Proposal 4.0 (Yanis Varoufakis, Jan 2014)

▷ Bitcoin sees light at end of regulatory tunnel (FT, Jan 2014)

▷ Bitcoin: More Than a Currency, a Potential for Innovation (David Descôteaux, Montreal Economic Institute, Jan 2014)

▷ Want to Receive Part of Your Paycheck in Bitcoin? Here’s How… (Michael Krieger, Jan 2014)

▷ Economics: Science, Craft, or Snake Oil? (Dani Rodrik, Fall 2013)

▷ The Missing Mission For Government Spending (WILLIAM JANEWAY, Jan 2014)

▷ JOATU, The Online Community Marketplace (Jul 2013)

▷ Grow your own vegetables: Save on fruit and vegies by growing your own (Tanya Fong and Jemma Castle, Jan 2014)

▷ Ostrom’s Nobel Prize a Milestone for the Commons Movement (Jay Walljasper, Jan 2014)

▷ Bitcoin Breaks Out, You Can Now Pay The IRS In Cryptocurrency (Ben Kepes, Forbes, Jan 2014)

▷ Bursting the bitcoin bubble (LISA KRAMER, Jan 2014)

▷ Overstock.com CEO attacks Krugman: “Hopefully Bitcoin will destroy central banking” (Rare Radio, Jan 2014)

▷ Initial Thoughts On Libertarianism Today (Natasha Petrova, Jan 2014)

▷ A Requiem for Global Imbalances (BARRY EICHENGREEN, Jan 2014)

▷ Why NXT Ought to be Taken Seriously (Anon136 from bitcointalk.org, which day?)

▷ Critics question desirability of relentless economic growth (Carolyn Lochhead, Jan 2014)

▷ The Financial Fire Next Time (ROBERT J. SHILLER, Jan 2014)

▷ Deflation in the euro zone: Desperate times, desperate measures ( Andrea Ferrero, The Economist, Jan 2014)

▷ [Reviews] Peter A. Victor (2008), Managing Without Growth: Slower by Design, Not Disaster (Edward Elgar Publishing, UK)

▷ Dazed and Confused: Matt Yglesias on the Job Guarantee (Pavlina Tcherneva, Jan 2014)

▷ Partnership or Putsch? (GORDON LAFER, Jan 2014). "TPP: anti-democratic threat to the middle class"

▷ 5 Ways to Play Bitcoin on the Public Markets (Joon Ian Wong (@joonian), Jan 2014)

▷ The View from Africa on Elinor Ostrom (Korir Sing'Oei, Jan 2014)

▷ Is the General Theory worth reading today? (CHRIS HOUSE, Jan 2014)

▷ Land as a Commons in the Cooperative Tradition (Pat Conaty, Jan 2014)

▷ The Commons and Co-operative Commonwealth (Co-operatives UK, Jan 2014)

▷ Bank P-to-P Payments Should Be a Whole Lot Easier (SIMON ZHEN, American Banker Jan 2014)

▷ Eating local isn’t just trendy - it can help stop poverty (Gary Paul Nabhan, Jan 2014)

▷ George Stigler and the labor theory of value (Matias Vernengo, Jan 2014)

▷ Quelles règles juridiques à respecter pour lancer une monnaie ? (SoNantes, Jan 2014)

▷ Time to Rethink Emergency Response (Occupy Sandy, www.occupysandy.net, Jan 2014): describes how the Occupy Wall Street movement established a horizontal, community-based network that served as an optimal model for citizen-centric emergency response in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

▷ Where’s Bitcoin Going in 2014, and Beyond? (WSJ, Jan 2014)

▷ Lars Syll — Why economic forecasting is such a worthless waste of time (Mike Norman Economics, Jan 2014)

▷ The Panacea that is Lowering Interest Rates (Mike Norman Economics, Jan 2014)

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▷ Bitcoin 2014 – Top 10 predictions (LightSpeed INDIA, Jan 2014)

▷ Bitcoin - Getting Past Store Of Value and Currency (AVC, Jan 2014)

▷ Map of grassroots groups in Greece (picked up Jan 2014)

▷ The Anti-Scientific Revolution in Macroeconomics (Paul Krugman, Jan 2014)

▷ Sustainable Programs and Complementary Currencies (Jan 2014): introducing the late Dr. Margrit Kennedy’s work on ecological architecture

▷ Bitcoin Anonymity Upgrade Zerocoin To Become An Independent Cryptocurrency (Andy Greenberg, Jan 2014)

▷ The Negative Natural Interest Rate and Uneconomic Growth (Herman Daly, Jan 2014)

▷ BYRON WIEN: Bitcoin Will Collapse In 2014 (MATTHEW BOESLER, Jan 2014)

▷ How Communities Can Make the Most of Their Anchor Institutions (Ted Howard, governing.com, Jan 2014)

▷ Noah Smith — How will conservatives save the poor? (Mike Norman Economics, Jan 2014)

▷ Narayana Kocherlakota — Economics at the Federal Reserve Banks (Mike Norman Economics, Jan 2014)

▷ Natasha Lennard — Chomsky: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Will Lower Wages And Increase Insecurity (Mike Norman Economics, Jan 2014)

▷ Economic Shadows and Light (MEHMET ŞIMŞEK, Jan 2014)

▷ The Lost World of the London Coffeehouse (The Public Domain Review)

▷ Seedbombing: Applying The Principles Of Permaculture To Finance (Brett Scott, Jan 2014)

▷ money design and history (Feb 2009)

▷ Debating finance – UCL, London (Jan 2014, seminar hosted by Positive Money and UCL)

▷ Crypto-Patriarchy: The problem of Bitcoin's male domination (Brett Scott, Jan 2014)

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▷ The payments impasse (Felix Salmon, Jan 2014)

▷ Toward Resilient Architectures 2: Why Green Often Isn’t (Øyvind Holmstad, Jan 2014)

▷ Trading Away Human Rights (OLIVIER DE SCHUTTER & KAITLIN Y. CORDES, Jan 2014)

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▷ "EU와 유로화에 대한 불신이 증폭됨에 따라 사람들이 대안을 찾고 있다" 유튜브 동영상

▷ Largest Bitcoin Mining Pool Pledges Not To Execute '51% Attack' (Soulskill , Jan 2014). A comment on this by @leasless: Bitcoin *continues* to teach Libertarians about the power of natural monopolies. are we listening, learning people?

▷ How do we redesign a new economic theory framed by ecological systems? (Jonathan Dawson, Guardian Sustainable Business Blog, Feb 2013)

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▷ Spectre of deflation (Stephen King, Jan 2014), a video: The pursuit by central banks of growth rates which are no longer achievable risks stoking an asset price bubble. Yet there is also a risk of deflation. Stephen King, chief economist at HSBC, tells John Authers that central bankers have a hard task.

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▷ 이종민(2011), 공학과 엔지니어의 사회적 위치는 어떻게 바뀌어 왔는가 (공학정보, 18권 3호, 20-22쪽): Link 1;

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Jan 2014): : "To combat disconnection we need to build technical arguments, shift the cultural ground and increase financial education"

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▷ Ron Paul: Our Current Banking System is About Counterfeiting Money! (2012): A quote by Josiah Stamp, Director and President of the Bank of England in the 1920s, is quite much interesting.

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▷ Revenu garanti vs revenu de base (Zin-Bosqué, Dec 2013) : Conversation entre Jean Zin et Frédéric Bosqué, filmé par les zooms verts, sur le revenu garanti et le revenu de base mais aussi les monnaies locales et les coopératives municipales. Ce ne sont que les rushs bruts mais le débat est instructif. http://jeanzin.fr

▷ 건강한 흙인지 확인하는 가장 쉬운 방법(Easiest Way to Tell if Your Soil is Healthy in Your Garden)

▷ [일상다반사] 개인적인 성장을 가속화 하려면? (2014년 1월). CF. Self-Improvement: How can I accelerate my personal growth? )

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▷ Monetary History (1): From Matriarchies of Abundance to Patriarchies of Debt. excerpted by Michel Bauwens(@mbauwens), from chapter 5 of the book, Web of Debt)

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▷ The Age of Sustainable Development (JEFFREY D. SACHS, Dec 2013): "As a method of helping to save the world, sustainable development encourages a holistic approach to human well-being"

▷ 정부 6개월만에 한은서 67조8천억 빌려, 재정운용 논란 (오마이뉴스, 2013.09.24)

▷ Entretien avec André Orléan (André Orléan et Rainer Diaz-Bone, Autumn 2013)

▷ Bauwens, Kleiner, Restakis on Cooperative, Commons-based venture funding (Dec 2013): "on establishing a peer-production economy in which economic rents are distributed to every member of a community who then vote with their dollars to decide how to deploy capital and determine the direction and priorities of their society."

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▷ How to Cut the Poverty Rate in Half (It's Easy) (MATT BRUENIG AND ELIZABETH STOKER, The Atlantic Oct 2013): "High rates of poverty can, as a policy matter, be solved with trivial ease. How? By simply giving the poor money."

▷ How to Destroy Education While Making a Trillion Dollars (Dec 2013)

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▷ Penser les affects: Dialogue de la sociologie et de la philosophie (Serge Champeau, Dec 2013). S’inspirant du spinozisme, F. Lordon propose de restaurer la considération des affects dans les sciences sociales. Les affects sont à la fois des effets des structures sociales, qu’ils reproduisent ou subvertissent. Ce qui conduit peut-être l’auteur à négliger leur ambivalence.

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▷ 97% Owned─Monetary Reform Documentary (a video doc with an intro By Positive Money): "Who creates money and where it ends up can completely transform a society, yet little is known about how and who is responsible for its creation..."

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▷ The Makkie is a reward scheme in the Makassar-square neighbourhood, part of the Amsterdam East District. The purpose of the Makkie is to empower local people; to encourage them to take an active role in their community and to improve livability in the neighbourhood.

▷ Ekhi, the local currency of Bilbao (Ekhi, una moneda local para Bizkaia)

▷ Since 2010, Sardex.net enabled over 1000s local SMEs and professionals to buy & sell goods/services without money generating over 10M in transactions… (May 2013)

▷ QOIN's collection of local currency talking heads captured on video

▷ Four banksters jailed in Iceland. Four council officers ‘disciplined’ in UK (Joel Benjamin, Dec 2013)

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▷ Are complementary currencies a likely remedy for economic problems?

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▷ 문화원형으로서 불의 속성 분석 및 그 활용: 한국의 불 문화원형 적용사례를 중심으로 (안민정, 석사학위논문 2011, 한국과학기술원)

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▷ The Knights Templar and money lending

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▷ 수학의 인지과학적 기반 (이정모, 2013)

▷ 수학의 개념적 기초: 확실성과 오류 가능성 (이정모, 1992)

▷ 자급의 삶은 가능한가: 힐러리에게 암소를 (마리아 미즈·베로니카 벤홀트톰젠, 동연 2013)

▷ Milton Friedman's Magical Thinking (Dani Rodrik, Oct 2011)

▷ The 'Mirage' of Social Justice: Hayek Against (and For) Rawls (Andrew Lister, June 2011)

▷ Michał Kalecki, profit equation

▷ 션 캐럴: 오늘의 에세이-과학이란 무엇인가? (블로그, 사물의 풍경)

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▷ 마키아벨리의 군주론과 로마사논고의 관계 | 강정인교수

▷ <로마사 논고> 구글학술검색

▷ <로마사 논고에 기술된 민주적 권위(autorita)> 곽준혁, 한국정치학회보 42.

▷ 게티어 문제 : 인식론과 심리학의 만남

▷ 정치의 재발견 (울리히 벡 | 거름 | 1998)

▷ 서평 3_문순홍의 정치생태학 (참여사회연구소, 2006)

▷ 생태학의 담론 (문순홍 | 아르케 | 2006)

▷ Baptiste Mylondo--Alternative économiques

▷ 미국 대선은 케인스와 하이에크의 이념전쟁터가 되어버린 것일까?

▷ Yield Stories (Paul Krugman, July 24, 2012)

▷ This is not the kids' problem (Richard Sennett, Guardian, 4 July 2012)

▷ The Art of Currency Manipulation: How Some Profiteer by Deliberately Distorting Exchange Rates

▷ A New Way to Diagnose Autism

▷ 한국 신자유주의의 기원과 형성 (지주형, 2011)

▷ 빈, 비트겐슈타인, 그 세기말의 풍경 : 합스부르크 빈의 마지막 날들과 비트겐슈타인의 탄생

▷ 초걈 트룽파의 마음 공부 ( 아마존위키피디아 )

▷ Boston Review: Richard Sennett responds to Michael J. Sandel

▷ From the Gold Standard to the Floating Dollar Standard: An Appraisal in the Light of Marx’s Theory of Money

▷ 왜 중앙은행들은 자산을 보유하는가? (Foog.com)

▷ Endogenous Money in a Coherent Stock-Flow Framework (June 2001)

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▷ Richard Sennett leads us in search of a community spirit─서평 The Australian

▷ Architect of Fed’s ‘Operation Twist’ quits

▷ Richard Sennett, "The Architecture of Cooperation"

▷ All together now: Montaigne and the art of co-operation (Richard Sennett, 10 February 2012, Guardian)